How to avoid being arrested by an arrest warrant

An arrest warrant is a warrant issued by a judge during court procedures. A common situation in which an arrest warrant was issued is when a defendant in a criminal case does not appear for an appointment in the Court. From the podium, judge issued an order agents of public order to bring the individual to the Court (to judge) as soon as possible. If u there is a valid arrest warrant, you can take actions to avoid being arrested.

You will need to

  • Money for bail
  • Surety bond


  1. He hires a lawyer. Depending on the reason for which the arrest warrant is issued, you can hire a lawyer so it gets in contact with the judge and eliminate the arrest warrant. This can only occur if the gate judge.
  2. Get a new date for your appointment at the Court through your attorney. Be sure to be present for the appointment in the Court. If you miss another appointment, the judge shall maintain order and will order your arrest. You can potentially spend more than just a couple of days in jail and definitely will be faced with the possibility of paying bail to be released.
  3. Present yourself at the office of the judge. If the arrest warrant was issued recently (around the last day), and the underlying case is not too serious, make arrangements to go to the office of judge.
  4. It asks the Court to cancel the order. If you have a valid reason for not having appeared in the appointment in the Court, that the judge removed the order likely.
  5. Get a new date for an appointment in the Court. Again, be sure to be present for the new appointment to continue with the procedures of the Court.

Tips and warnings

  • You need to take your appointments laid down in the Court seriously. Even if you have to present yourself for a traffic ticket, you have to understand that the judge may issue an arrest warrant if no show on the stipulated date.