Can you return the money the deposit once the charges were dropped?

A deposit acts as an incentive for a defendant returns to court for your appointment in it. If the accused is presented, the Court reimbursed the deposit money. If the defendant does not, the Court is left with the money. Therefore, if a defendant appears in court, and the charges are disposed of, the purpose of bail, meets however depending on the circumstances, they could not give back all of your money.


When a person is arrested and charged with a crime, you are entitled to a hearing before a judge. Depending on the history of the accused and the seriousness of the crime, the judge can set a bail. A bond is essentially a security deposit that the accused should be left in the Court in Exchange for his freedom before his day in court. When a defendant deposited the bail Court, receives a certificate that indicates the amount of bail and the agreement between the defendant and the Court.

Get your money back

Once the charges are disposed of, the Court cancels the guarantee and returns the bail to the accused, regardless of who paid the security deposit (unless the accused has hired a bonding agent). However, each court has an administrative process to cancel the certificate, which, according to the third Judicial Court of Idaho, can take weeks. Moreover, the Court may charge deposit any fine or spending those incurred by the defendant before returning the balance, as a fee to the sheriff or a past due child support.


If you hire a fastener or guarantor, you cannot recover your money. Commercial fasteners charge a non-refundable fee (often a fraction of the amount of the deposit) for the full bail in court if customers do not have the full amount or do not want to leave it from his own pocket. When charges are ignored, their money and this has return to the guarantor fee you pay for their services.


The third Judicial District Court warned the defendants and to the friends and families of those who never stop as bail money if losing that money can put them into financial troubles or if you need that money will return them at a certain time. The bond will be lost before the Court if the defendant does not cooperate, or if you miss an appointment with the Court, the full deposit will not be returned if the defendant has pending pay fines and, in addition, the refund may take time because of administrative inefficiency.