How to help accelerate my claim to the SSDI

Social Security disability insurance pays a benefit for those who qualify. If you cannot work due to a physical or mental illness, the need for income may be urgent. With a little preparation, you can help speed up the process of the claim. You can also access other benefits disability while youre waiting for the SSDI.

SSDI eligibility

The definition of Social Security for the disabled, which is what, determines the eligibility for SSDI, means that you are presenting a condition that makes that you can do your work as usual and you cannot train you for a new job. Also expected that your condition lasts at least one year or terminal. You also need to have worked for the minimum credits required by Social Security to qualify for disability.

From that start to work, you can earn up to four credits each year that you are working and paying Social Security; one credit is equal to US$ 1.120 income. The number of credits needed to qualify for SSDI is based on your age; If your disability began before age 24, for example, you must have earned six credits of work in the three years before your disability. To access benefits at age 50, OS 28 work credits earned in the 10 years before your disability.

Apply for SSDI

You can speed up the time needed to review your claim by having all the information with you when you apply, in accordance with the Social Security. You must carry your Social Security card and a license of conductor or state identification; names, dates, addresses and phone numbers of all the medical professionals youve seen; the names and doses of medications you are currently taking, any medical records you may have, any outcome of laboratory tests that you have; a summary of where youve worked, when you worked and the functions that youve done, and your most recent W-2. You can complete the application online, but you might want to complete your application at a local Social Security Office for your application and documents submitted together.

Monitor the status of the claim

The offices for the determination of the incapacity process claims of inability in the majority of States. Claims take three to five months to be processed, according to Social Security. Y

ou can speed up the process, making sure that the office that handles your claim has received all necessary medical reports. Thirty days after filing your claim please contacts your local Social Security Office to find out what disability determination office is processing your request.

Contact the office and ask about the status of your claim and if you are waiting for a medical report. If they are not, call your doctors office or the office of your medical provider and ask them when they will send medical records. It gives follow-up office for incapacity is filed every week or two, until the office takes a decision on your claim.

Other options

While your Social Security claim is pending, make sure you that you have requested any other benefit disability you have right. Many employers offer short- and long-term disability plans. Your human resources department can provide you with information on how to apply for benefits. Some States, including California and New Jersey, has State disability insurance plans that pay benefits more quickly than SSDI disability. For example, both New Jersey and California processing disability claims most in two weeks, as opposed to two and three months will need to keep an SSDI claim to be processed.